Waterproofing your chimney crown.

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Your chimney may have a crown that has cracks in it, yet still has a good bond to the brick it was poured upon.

CrownB4 Tamo
Cracked chimney crown to be repaired with Tamoseal.

A great way to remedy this problem, preserve the crown and protect it from future wear is to waterproof it with Tamoseal. Tamoseal is mixed with a mechanical mixer and is brushed on in two applications. The photo below is a of a crown that has been treated with Tamoseal:

CrownAFter Tamo
Chimney crown repair via application of Tamoseal!


TAMOSEAL is a cement based, polymer modified material designed to waterproof and decorate concrete and masonry.


Waterproofs and decorates Tenacious bond Becomes an integral part of substrate Durable Breathable Slightly flexible to seal static cracks


Concrete and block wall foundations Manholes Water tanks Reservoirs Balconies Interior/exterior

If you want to get technical about it, here is a link to the manufacturer's data:

Tamoseal technical data

We have used this product for over twenty years, and it works great!

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